Phir Sē was a parahuman and a member of the supervillian organization known as Thanda.


Despite Phir Sē's extremist tendencies and his incomplete fluency in English, he proves to be quite personable and even funny. He justified the possibility of destroying all of New Delhi, if not much of the Indian subcontinent, by explaining that he considers it worth the risk for the possibility of killing Behemoth.

He seems to care for his family a great deal despite whatever choices they might have made (his daughter choosing to be a hero, for example). He also has a great fondness for wordplay, as demonstrated when he refers to his device — a loop created between his pair of portals, accumulating light to act as a one-shot laser — as a "time bomb".


Phir Sē is an Indian man with a disheveled body and opulent clothing, wearing a rich indigo robe, a sapphire set in a gold chain, a gold chain for a belt, and a golden sash.

Abilities and Powers:Edit

Phir Sē has the ability to use portals to send things backward (and forward) in time.

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